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Canopy Street in Lincoln's Haymarket

6th & P Street, Lincoln NE
Retail and office spaces from 360 to 50,000 SF
Canopy Street is an eight block expansion of Lincoln's popular Historic Haymarket District. The development, which will include over $498 million dollars of private and public investment, will include the new 16,000 seat Pinnacle Arena, over 6,000 new parking stalls, a new hotel, retail, office, and several different housing options. The new Pinnacle Arena and the surrounding private development will open September of 2013.

Lincoln, NE - Haymarket

7 Properties
Retail and office spaces from 360 to 50,000 SF.
The Sawmill Building
8th & S Street
Fully Leased.
AR 720 Building
Between 7th & 8th on 'O' Street
1,272 SF Office Space Available.
Color Court Building
8th & M Street
Office spaces ranging from 1,200 SF to 8,800 SF available.
Booth Fishery Building
9th & M Street
Retail or office spaces from 2,200 SF to 5,000 SF available .
700 O Street
8th & O Street
Office or retail spaces from 2,500 SF to 9,500 SF available.
Peanut Butter Factory
8th & M Street
Office or retail spaces from 400 to 2,047 SF available .

Lincoln, NE - O & N Street Corridor

3 Properties
Freadrich Bros Building
13th & N Street
Retail or residential spaces for lease/rent.
YWCA Building
15th & N Street
Two office spaces from 1,028 to 1,862 SF available.
2020 O Street
Between 20th & 21st Street on O Street
Up to 10,650 SF of land.

Lincoln, NE - P & Q Street Corridor

4 Properties
McKelvie Building
14th & P Street
2,022 SF Office Space Available.
Lind Building
Between 12th and 13th on 'P' Street
Fully Leased.
Arbor Day Plaza
12th & P Street
Fully Leased.
Commercial Club Building
11th & P Street
Office spaces from 2,500 SF to 20,000 SF available.

Lincoln, NE - University Place

1 Property
48th & Huntington
One retail space available - approximately 1,500 sq ft.

Waverly, NE - Waverly, NE

1 Property
Amberly Crossing
Highway 6 & Callum Drive
Fully Leased.